Aryaveer - The Guardian Of Dakshin Durgh

Aryaveer - The Guardian Of Dakshin Durgh ...

  • Author: Mary John Williams

Aryaveer has always been the shield and armor of Bhupala kingdom, ever since he joined the army. The pain of betrayal that he nurtures in his heart from his childhood turns him into a strong, brave and ruthless army general. His life takes a mysterious turn when he falls in love with Meera, a princess by birth, caught in the whirlwind of conspiracies and hunted by many. She tames his aggression and takes his heart away from war and bloodshed. In the meanwhile the disappearance of Prince Indra, the only heir to the throne of the Bhupala kingdom, irks king Mahindra. The ego dented king, hatches a noxious plan to become the emperor of India and entrusts Aryaveer with the duty of executing his plans. Will Aryaveer once again walk on the war torn path for his king, or will he try to protect his castle of love from the dark tempest of greed and hatredness? ‘I had been trapped in a nightmare for all these years, and then you came and released me from the cage of a painful sleep’

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