A Proof of Truth

A Proof of Truth

  • Author: Annapurna Saripalli

A successful lawyer, a loving father, a doting husband – Ajay Bhargav is leading a serene, happy life in Singapore. When he receives an urgent call from his mother asking him to return to India to attend to his ailing father, Ajay decides to upend his life and move back home. Upon his return, much to his chagrin, his domineering father thrusts him with an abuse and murder case. The victim is a middle-class college girl and the accused, the son of a famous Bollywood actor and his family’s close friend. The doors quickly start closing in on Ajay: the ruthless media, the dubious client, new legal system, conflicts with his father, the controversial nature of the case, ticking clock and his inner dilemma about doing the right thing. Will Ajay win, or will he fall prey to his demons? Immerse yourself in a roller-coaster ride of love and loss, trust and deceit, truth and lies, and hope and despair as Ajay discovers the absolute and indomitable power of truth.

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