A Mariachi & A Philosopher On Wheels ~ A Poem

A Mariachi & A Philosopher On Wheels ~ A Poem ...

  • Author: Mallikarjun B. Mulimani

What do you get when there is a philosopher who loves to gain a better understanding of his true inner self by involving himself in the outer world to its fullest, whose brain is at its sharpest when he is experiencing the best while driving his car, and a musician who loves to celebrate every moment of life by singing and playing his guitar—both of whom are flatmates and the best of buddies with down to earth attitudes and charming personalities. One fine day, out of the blue, the musician confides in his chum his heart is yearning to desperately leave the metro and go to his village in another State which is quite far away, for a family reunion and the only option is by road but he doesn’t want to take a taxi. The default result is a purely fantastic road trip with outward sensory, but most importantly, soul searching and soul satisfying experiences and rewards for both the philosopher and the mariachi on wheels.

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