A Friend in Need is YourDOST indeed

A Friend in Need is YourDOST indeed ...

  • Author: Prachi Garg

Did you know – one person in India commits suicide every four minutes? And surprisingly, younger Indians are among the worst hit. Richa Singh is an IIT Guwahati alumnus who thought of doing something about this. She got interested in the subject of mental health when someone close to her in college fell prey to the same. This led to the conceptualization of YourDOST, an online emotional wellness coach where people fighting depression can discuss their problems with experts, in anonymity. Having helped more than twelve lakh people fight depression till now, Richa Singh has been named in the ‘Forbes India 30 Under 30 2017’ list. A Friend in Need is YourDost indeed is Richas success story with YourDost and how she took the organization to this level. This business read is an excerpt from Prachi Gargs hot-selling book Superwomen, which brings forth the stories of twenty Indian women entrepreneurs. The book has been listed as a must read for aspiring women entrepreneurs.

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