Hanuman The Immortal (English)

U • Kids • 2010

Orphaned during a deep sea exploration on volcanic activity, Kabir and Maya grew up to a world that looks forward to an alternative source of energy that would solve the energy crisis once for and all. Rock Shah the Chairman of Raksha Enterprise is a modern day incarnation of Ravan the King of Auras’ long beheaded by Prince Rama and the monkey warriors. He along with his aide Suroopa and a cranky scientist Vishwa has developed a technology that would sap energy from the volcanic mountains and translate it to power required to drive the ambitions of the frantic world. Little did the world know about the hideous plan of Rock shah to destroy them using this power. Meanwhile Hanuman, under the advice of Vaayu proceeds to the earth to help the chosen savior ‘Kabir’ from the evil forces of Rock Shah. He along with Maya finally puts an end to Rock Shah’s wicked ambitions to dust and help Kabir save the world



Release Date

02 January 2010